This website is dedicated to remembering the art and music created by Adam James Brummel (aka Adam III). James passed away suddenly in the summer of 2022 from diabetes. At the time he was full of life. Working steadily on new art work and his first solo album. 

Adam Three

Adam Three is James's first solo album which he was working on when he passed. James was well known in the music scene in Ottawa. And when his passing was heard many volunteered their talents to make his dreams come true. We are lucky. Parts of his new work were already recorded. Bova Sound took as under wing and guided us to create James’s most stunning work yet. We have 100 limited edition vinyl records available as well as digital downloads.

Note: We do have some bills to pay in regards to creating this album. But the family has no desire to profit from this. All profits will go to Diabetes Canada

Any questions? Please email me at bridgetbrummel@gmail.com 


Oil Paintings

This collection of oil paintings are from James's private collection. If interested in a piece please contact me for pricing.

Proceeds are to go to bill payments of producing Adam Three. All other profits to go to Diabetes Canada.

Any questions? Please email me at bridgetbrummel@gmail.com